Bonjour Paris

Romantica Caffé Madeleine
The speciality at Romantica Caffé is linguine à la crème légère, with sage, flambéd in a giant wheel of parmesan by Stephano Durot the tasty directeur du salle. He does this with sleight of hand, he´s a magician, your mouth will be watering, the taste is sublime.

Italian chef Claudio Puglia is at the helm of several “Romanticas” dotted around Paris, each have a faithful clientele who appreciate his home-made pastas and risotti accompanied with toppings such as Poutargue and artichokes: Palourdes à l´huile d´olive, as well as the classics. Begin with warm mozzarella, tomato petals, fricassée de soupions and lentilles or warm Poulpe, white haricots and vintage balsamic. Or just take the linguine flambéd (a steal at 22€). Mains include “La vraie” oreille d´elephant on the bone (a veal chop that gets really crispy after frying and ends up looking like…..) Veal “saltimbocca” style. Grilled mixed fish. Saint Jacques with palourdes and saffran. Daily blackboard specials and sides include grilled polenta, crunchy mixed vegetables. Follow with Gorgonzola and salad or Parmigiano Reggiano with pears. Coffee tiramisu. Lemon and basil sorbet with limoncello to finish. Excellent regional wines, Puglia, the place not the chef, is right on the boot of Italy, if you can´t find the time to visit pop into Romantica Caffé for a bit of O Sole Mio.