Oct 4 2020 - Oct 4 2020

Romantica Caffe – Arc de Triomphe

This is the last Italian restaurant from the family Romantica Caffè. An Italian restaurant which, like its older brothers, follows a simple principle: keep it simple, do good, make others discover the authentic Italian cuisine.
ust across the Place de l’Etoile and the Arc de Triomphe, the chef Claudio Puglia invites us to taste his recipes made from products which are brought directly from Italy. Here, everything is homemade. And everything is designed homemade. We are neither not in a simple Italian restaurant, nor in an ordinary pizzeria. Italy is read on the menu and eaten on the plate: antipasti, paste linguine a rigatoni, carne, pesce, formaggi, dolci al Bicchiere…
Let’s push the door of the 7th , Lauriston street. There are only few seats, which gives a warm and intimate style to the place. Clear stone walls, a vast « library » composed of Italian wine bottles, benches and comfortable chairs are the best elements for a good start.
Let’s sit down to table and let us tempted by a Venetian cocktail, the Spritz, which is a nice surprise for those who wish to discover bitterness combined with a touch of freshness, with the blending of proseco and aperol. Off the beaten tracks followed by many Italian restaurants, the Romantica Caffè offers us a duck carpaccio, asparagus salad and small orange vinaigrette that we wanted to taste… and that we will take one day to fall in love again with its originality and its melting. For those who want to know what the respect of a product means, we advised us this combination of white and red with the beautiful buffalo mozzarella with fresh tomato petals: and this is the real mozzarella!
Always copied and imitated… « never » equalled: it is with these rich words of promises that the menu invites us to discover the house specialty, the Leggera Romantica. Behind this invitation to greed, here are linguine with sage light cream, flamed – before your eyes – in a buffalo cheese wheel: semolina pasta both tender and crisp accompanied by a sauce that should be taste to appreciate the richness of flavours.
And then, as all good things must come to an end – temporary – there is a touch of freshness with the lemon and basil sorbet sprinkled with limoncello… See you soon at 7th , Lauriston street! Good to know, like all other Italian restaurants Romantica Caffè « Etoile » is open every day of the week, including weekends.
  • Oct 4 2020 - Oct 4 2020


12pm to 2pm and 7pm to 10:30pm
Open 7/7, noon and evening

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